We await our guests with the services of the Sauna Island!

Open: everyday between 9.30 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
You can participate at the Sauna séances based on the prior announced times.


We inform our kind guests that in our saunas the use of own towel or sauna cloth is mandatory!

You can by sauna cloth in the medical shop at a price of HUF 400.- per each.

Full day sauna entry ticket: HUF 3200 per person


Infra sauna

The light of the infra sauna touches not only directly the skin surface, but it penetrates in the deeper layers, as well. By increasing the temperature of our body it stimulates blood circulation, expands the blood vessels, and helps the healing of the soft tissues and muscles.

During staying in the infra sauna significant amount of toxins leave from the body, consequently the resistance of our immunity system greatly increases.

Finnish sauna

The sauna has a beneficiary effect to the heart and circulation system, speeds the blood circulation up.

It has a positive effect to our beauty, skin and body, as well. It improves the blood supply to the skin, frees it from the impurities, the dead epithelial cells. It is able to make our skin younger,   as a result of regular sauna it becomes finer, softer, smoother, more flexible.

Please, note that in case of people suffering of varicose veins problem the too hot environment may have an adverse effect as by the expansion of the blood vessels the complaints may increase.

Similarly, we kindly ask our guest having circulation problems, heart deficiency or taking part in treatments affecting the blood pressure, by all means to consult their doctor before using the sauna.

Aroma cabin

Its beneficial effects represent a refection for the body and spirit, as well. The essential oils evaporated to the air get in our body by breathing in or through our skin, relax us, and improve our well-being. Their curing effects can be felt in several areas from the gastric problems up to the musculoskeletal complaints.

Cryo sauna

In our country, it is a still less known method. Practically, it is the opposite of the traditional sauna as the body is exposed for a short duration, 1 to 3 minutes to a temperature being between 120 °C and 170°C.

The method was discovered in Japan accidentally, in the 1980’s. In a psychiatric institution, the patients made their daily walk in snow. The doctors noticed due to the short walks their mood became much better, and even their movement also improved. The cold therapy is not a new invention, it is used for local treatment, reduction of inflammation and normalization of body temperature already since the ancient times. Just think about the always well applicable wet cold pack or ice pack!

However, the cryo therapy works based on a totally different principle and affects the whole body.

The temperature is reduced from minus 20°C to minus 170°C within 30 seconds, then the achieved temperature remains constant for the required period. The duration of a therapy is 60-180 seconds. The complete cure consists of 10-20 or even more occasions.

In spite of the very low temperature value, our body does not froze as in the cryo sauna cabin the air is extremely dry. In case of wet air, this temperature would be surely intolerable for the human organ.

In order to compensate the extreme temperature effect, the body answers with an alarm, our organs start to work at an increased level, the immune system becomes switched to the turbo gear and the self-healing processes of the body start up.

The unique technology of the cryo sauna makes possible to tolerate this low temperature for the some minutes of the treatment, and even to enjoy all its positive effects. The cold felt during the procedure can be tolerated and much less unpleasant that immersing into icy water.

Some minutes cooling for beauty, health and long life – the cold which we warmly recommend to you!

The beneficiary effects of the cryo sauna

Rheumatology and Spinal Therapy:
  • soft tissue rheumatism and rheumatoid diseases
  • osteochondrosis and other abnormalities of the spine
  • collagenoses, spondylitis
  • chronic autoimmune hepatitis
  • chronic hepatitis caused by virus
  • compensated stage of cirrhosis of the liver
  • neuroses, migraines, sleeping disorders
  • radiculitis (inflammation of the nerve root)
  • premenstrual syndrome
  • menopausal complaints
Effective health improvement:
  • prevention of influenza and catarrhal diseases
  • prevention of stress and its consequences (insomnia, depression)
  • strengthening of the immune system
  • problems of metabolism
  • skin toning, reduction of cellulite
  • general rejuvenation of the body, delaying aging
  • acceleration of the metabolic processes of skin, anti-wrinkle effect
    strengthening and treatment of hair and nails
    treatment of skin imperfections
Respiratory medicine:
  • chronic bronchitis, including the obstructive form
  • tracheitis
  • prevention of heart and blood vessel system illnesses
  • vegetative type blood vessel system problems
  • dermatitis, atopic neurodermatitis, eczema, psoriasis
Orthopedics, traumatology:
  • post-surgery period
Sports medicine:
  • healing and rehabilitation of acute and chronic sport injuries
  • improvement and preservation of sportsmen fitness
Sexology and urology:
  • treatment of impotence, enhancement of potency and libido
  • restoration and improvement of erectile function
  • treatment of psychoemotional disorders and restoration of the functional condition

Contraindication of cryo therapy:

  • serious general condition of the patient, fever
  • decompensated heart and circulation system illnesses
  • acute heart attack or rehabilitation period after heart
  • attack
  • cerebrovascular accident (stroke)
  • stadium II of high blood pressure illness (RR > 180/100 Hgmm)
  • stadium II of heart failure
  • heart rhythm with unfavorable prognosis and conduction disturbances
  • active stage of pulmonary TB
  • malignancies
  • haemophilia
  • hysterical neurosis
  • individual cold intolerance
  • pregnancy
  • age under 10 years

How does the cryo sauna cabin operate?

The cold in the cabin is produced in the low temperature generator by the evaporation of liquid nitrogen deriving from the cryogen tank located out of the equipment.

The height of the cryo sauna floor is adjustable, it can be set to the height of the patient. In this way the user being in a standing position “immerses” in the cold gases upto his/her shoulder height. As his/her head is over the gas level, there is no need to wear a protective face mask, as he/she breaths the air of the outside environment.

Prior to each utilization cycle of the cryo sauna a period of 2-3 minutes is necessary for the proper cooling of the temperature. Before entering the cabin, the user shall take on protective clothing, that means thick cotton socks and a bath dress made of cotton, as well. At the end of the treatment, the floor automatically goes back to its lower level, and the operator helps the guest to leave the cabin.

After that, the drying phase follows during which the residual wetness of the cabin and generator is automatically removed during an about 90 minutes cycle.

The process is absolute safe both for the user, and operating staff, as well.