Szoboszlai Gallery - Szolnok

Szoboszlai Gallery - Szolnok

Our Gallery is located in the center of Szolnok, next to Kossuth square, in the Art Colony of Szolnok founded in 1902. Our collection consists of high quality works of artists from the 20th and 21st century. We collect and sale equally valuable paintings, graphics, classic and modern statues, statuettes, Zsolnai porcelains, and other exceptionally beautiful old objects. 

We also deal with the evaluation of heritages and collections, with buying in possibility, order based sales. We also provide services to our demanding customers in collection creation, fitting out of offices, flats with works of fine art. 

Our basic principle is to provide value to each occasion!  

Contact details:

Address: Szolnok, Jókai u. 1, 5000
Mobile: +36 20 980 3910
Facebook: galéria