Rosarium – Garden of Hungarian Roses - Szolnok

Rosarium – Garden of Hungarian Roses - Szolnok

The Verseghy park located in the heart of Szolnok offers to the visitors of the Tisza side town a really special thing to see. 

The baroque style park was constructed in 1930. Beginning from the Tisza bridge it was located parallel with the river, was a regularly edited geometric garden adjusted to the sectioning of the rear wall of the county house and provided with a curved closure. Even already at that time there was a rosarium, a rose garden where roses of Hungarian breeding were planted. Their characteristic features are that they are very decorative species, resistant (to deceases) and drought tolerant. Unfortunately, later a part of the park was built in, as the Damjanich swimming pool of Szolnok was constructed here in 1949, so the roses and the pergola, as well, disappeared from the life of the inhabitants of Szolnok. The flood of 2000 further destroyed the condition of the residual area, for this reason needed a reconstruction during which an 80 years old alley of horse chestnuts, and under the alleys a 1000 m2 area covered with flowers was established. 

In 2009 the Damjanich Swimming Pool was destructed, and by that the park started a new life. In the following years the area reborn, the designers and the leaders of the town imagined here again the park of the 1920’s. By that, the roses returned in the heart of Szolnok, you can see again the pergola, in this way the Verseghy park and the Rose Garden again await the people of Szolnok and the tourists shining in its old lights!

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Address: Szolnok, Verseghy park 4, 5000