Geographical Museum of Tiszazug - Tiszaföldvár

Geographical Museum of Tiszazug - Tiszaföldvár

The mission of our museum is to represent the relation between the small region embraced by the rivers Tisza and Körös and the people living here. In Hungary we have the largest collection of the ice age large vertebrate paleontological collection consisting of nearly 300 pieces. The most valuable piece of the material culture of the floodplain management is a pirogue of the 18th century taken out from the Tisza riverbed and carved-burnt from a single tree trunk.  

At our permanent exhibition you can see the two characteristic types of the Low-Land hillocks, the settlement hillock and the kurgan serving as a burial ground. In our aquarium modelling the river bed the typical fish species can be seen natural like environment. With the help of the 2500 lit aquarium you can see 14 fish species of the river Tisza. 

At the completion “The museum of the year 2009” we won the special prize of the Hungarian National Committee of ICOM with our visitor-friendly permanent exhibition and museum educational activity. 

Our founder, Dr. Varga Lajos, the geography-history teacher of the secondary school brought about in 1956 and operated for nine years the unique institute of the region. As of 1963, together with his colleague, Gyula Németh, they organized the research camp of Odorvár operating even in our days. 

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Address: Tiszaföldvár, Kossuth Lajos út 101, 5430
Mobile: +36 20 263 7136