Beer Museum (Sörárium) - Szolnok

Beer Museum (Sörárium)  - Szolnok

In Szolnok you can get closer to the beer culture in the frame of a unique experience. The Sörárium, the domestic beer museum provides you a rich program in an area of 1000 m2. We recommend it to the people seeking adventure, the lovers of beer, friend companions, or even to families, as well. At the interactive exhibition area of the “Sörárium” the traditions and the modern technics appear contemporary. At this place you can see the beer and tools history exhibition, where you can take part in the tryout of the awareness tools and games. The offering also includes a brewery, an exhibition of posters and a wax museum, as well. Additionally, for those who want to really enjoy the “liquid bread”, can enter the restaurant or the beer pub where the guests are awaited with nice foods and unique beer specialties. Keeping in mind the undisturbed relaxation of the adults, we also have a children’s activity section for the kids. 

Contact details: 

Szolnok, Kossuth Lajos út 9. 5000
Mobile: +36 20 282 8822