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Cserkeszőlő can be reached easily from any part of the country. From Budapest take motorway M5, then from Kecskemét take highway 44.

Cserkeszőlő is the tourism centre of the ’Tiszazug’ region between the rivers Tisza and Körös. Towns of the region are Kecskemét, Szolnok, Szarvas, Szentes, Csongrád and Kunszentmárton.

The ’treasure’ of Cserke, the thermal spring of 82 degrees C was found while drilling for oil in 1943, 2.300 meters below the surface. Cserkeszőlő separated from Tiszakürt in 1952 and the most important stage in the development of the individual village was the opening of Cserkeszőlő Thermal and Open-air Bath. The medicinal water and the spa brought fame to the village, but it did not come easily. In the 1980’s the Hotel Touring and the Thermal Restaurant were built up, then the building of the camping with 14 chalets was completed before the change of the political system.

Condemnation proceedings were made for the purpose of developing the spa and Cserkeszőlő was the first village to form dwelling sites and resort sites supplied with public utility.

The Cserkeszőlő Village Self-Government was formed in 1990. It carries out its tasks with the help of its own institutions, and for the investments it founded a public utility company. In 1993 the spa became the property of the self-government and right that year the self-supporting Spa and Water-supply Institution of Cserkeszőlő Self-government. The Spa is based on the thermal water which was qualified as medicinal water in 1977. It has beneficial effects in the treatment of arthritis, injuries and gynaecological diseases. The thermal spring No. 2 gives water of 67 degrees C and it was qualified as medicinal water in the past years.

The original spring was found during the Second World War by the engineers of MAORT Company Ltd. when they were searching for oil for military purposes. According to the geological measurements of that time there were more thermal water producing layers at this depth. Unfortunately the complete reconstruction of the original well is not possible even with  new technologies, so in 1999 the self-government had new plans designed to drill a new  well and it was drilled in 2003 near the spa. The water of the new spring has similar properties as that of the old one. This well was produced on credit, so the self-government has made an agreement with the investors of the Thermal Dwelling Park to heat and supply the flats with medicinal water. In this way the costs of the new well will be refunded and later on it will become productive and the basis of further developments. This water has been officially qualified as medicinal water.

During the past decades not only a lot of people have bought holiday cottages int he area, but more and more tourists have spent their holidays here. As the number of tourists and their demands have increased, there was a need for new accomodation facilities and stores.

The ideal geographical location of Cserkeszőlő, its excellent medicinal water and warm climate raises the idea of creating a new town but legally it is not possible at present. The completion of the dwelling park, the increasing number of restaurants and accomodation facilities connected to the spa started developments in such an underprivileged area, where this kind of development was not characteristic. It has a determining role in the region. The agricultural feature of the region can be extended with a new industry, the rising of tourism. On the basis of the spa tourism at Cserkeszőlő, complementary services can be offered in the  neighbouring villages.

Our village is well-known of its thermal spa by visitors from Hungary and other countries of Europe. The thermal water treasure, deep under the surface of the ground is the basis of the development of the village and remains a decisive developing factor. The economy of the village is built on it, the main part of the residents work in the spa or in the connected services. The medicinal water has already attracted a lot of investors to the willage, e.g. hotel, shops, restaurants, dwelling park, and will attract even more in the future as well. To manage this development is an additional duty for the self-government. The question is, how can the self-government cope with these duties, which are far beyond the traditional self-government jobs.



Bath cures with medicinal water from well I and II have beneficial effect especially at presence of locomotive disorders, chronic degenerative problems of spine and joints, osteoporosis, as well as in case of rehabilitation from orthopedic operations and injuries in accidents.

They also have beneficial effect at presence of gynaecological diseases, certain types of sterility, certain types of asthma as inhalation and sinusitis.


The healing power of medicinal water

It is a complex effect: besides the physical properties of water (temperature, currents, buoyancy) the chemical and biological effects of the minerals can be felt as well. The minerals in the water are absorbed through the skin, and the dissolved minerals penetrate into the body. At the same time our body secretes some substances into the water. While sitting in the bath we inhale the dissolved minerals in the steam above the water.

Through the skin and lungs the different minerals get into the body and according to their chemical properties they develop their special effects on different conditions.

Balneotherapy – like any other medical treatment – has its indications and contraindications.

Medicinal water in Hungary is usually applied in the form of bath treatment to cure chronic degenerative locomotor diseases, in the inactive stage of chronic inflammatory diseases of the spine and joints and during rehabilitation after injuries and orthopaedic surgeries.    

General contraindications include poor health condition, cardiac arrest, hypertonia, cardiac infarction in 6 months’ time, tumour, tuberculosis, pregnancy, inflammatory stages of degenerative locomotor diseases and active stages of inflammatory locomotor diseases.

It must be mentioned that autotherapy is not recommended. If you want to treat your symptoms or a disease, you should always consult a physician about how to apply the medicinal bath, duration and frequency of the bath.

The thermal spa treatment has multiple goals. On the one hand they can improve the recreational and regulational abilities of the body, correct malfunctions, ensure healthy life-functions. Furthermore, its aim is to find a therapy, the application of which on a regular basis helps the patient become capable of work. As a result of a successful spa treatment the patient will be able to return to social life, will regain self-confidence and the treatment is a transition between hospital and home. For healthy people the annual spa physiotherapeutic treatment course is beneficial in maintaining a good health condition and working capacity (especially beneficial for those, who do not take any physical exercises or do the same movements all the time). It has been found that special physiotherapeutic prevention (baths, swimming, gymnastics) helps eliminate the need for costly medications that require extensive monitoring or pose a long-term risk to patients. The importance of swimming has not been questioned so far and it has been generally accepted that the thermal bath relaxes the muscles, increases circulation and improves the metabolism of the cartilage.


Medical centre:

In the Salt Room the microclimate of natural salt mines can be available at any time. The walls, the ceiling, and the floor of the salt room are covered with layers of salt. The main medical factor is its mucolytic bronchial drain effect. It ceases inflammations, decreases allergic symptoms, normalizes the physiological status and the microflora of the respiratory tract.

Nowadays patients don’t have to go to the seaside or underground salt mines, they can go to salt rooms. It strengthens the immune system, and improves the patient’s endurance. Salt rooms are an effective treatment for diseases like asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, post-operation treatment of the lungs, tracheitis, tonsillitis, polyposis, frontal and maxillary sinusitis, hard breathing etc.

Treatment can be effective only when used as a course. One course lasts 10-21 days, depending on the  disease. Anybody can use the salt room without a medical order. As a result of the therapy patients can fully recover.

Treatment in the salt room is not supported by the social insurance, it can only be used freely financed by volunteer private funds.



Using the tub-bath, new medical treatments can be available in Cserkeszőlő. It can help a lot of patients having dermatitis to recover. These patients cannot enjoy the benefits of relaxing in an open-air spa, and in most cases they have rheumatism and other problems besides their dermatitis.

The speciality of tub-bath is the use of Bochnia medical salt, originated from Poland, which has an excellent healing effect on skin problems when mixed in medicinal water. It helps scars to heal after surgeries and promotes restoration of the skin. It has a beneficial effect on psoriasis. Although patients cannot fully recover, they can remain out of symptoms for a long time.


Physiotherapeutic treatments:

Devices used at the department of physiotherapy at Cserkeszőlő Spa and Medical Centre and their fields of application

 Partial electric bath (four-cell galvanic bath) Patient’s forearms and lower legs are put in water trays, and electric current is passed through warm water. The types of wave used in the treatment can be chosen from four types of diadynamic current and galvanic current. Indication: to treat neuralgias like brachialgia, femoralgia, ischialgia, as well as thinflammatory and degenerative diseases of the small hand joints, the elbow joint, and the ankle joint. Its most important indication is polyneuritis.



EDIT R 400 stimulating current machine – an electrotherapy machine which can be used by itself with thee electrodes or combined with ENDVAC R 400 vacuum massage device. NEMEKTRON EDIT R 400 involves new, specific therapeutic possibilities.

Types of therapy:

  • Low-frequency therapy
  • Interferential therapy
  • Endosan R-therapy
  • Direct Current therapy



  • Muscle stimulation, muscle relaxation
  • Improvement of blood and lymph flow
  • Oedema reduction
  • Activation of metabolism
  • Elimination of inflammation
  • Restoration support in case of wounds and fractures
  • Pain relief


Low- and medium-frequency current is used to pass acurate doses of drugs through the skin

Iontophoresis is indicated at presence of haematoma, bruises, myalgia, rheumatic pains in the muscles and joints, tendovaginitis, oedema, fractures, epicondylitis

The device is freely programmable, or particular programs can be chosen:

  • Pain
  • Oedema
  • Trauma
  • Mobilization
  • Sports rehabilitation


Physiodyn Duo

This device uses low-and medium-frequency current for diagnosis and physiotherapy. Combined with the ultrasound therapy unit Physioson-Basic it can be used for simultaneous therapy. Simultaneous therapy means that the patient is treated with ultrasound and stimulus current at the same time, so the benefits of both forms of therapy can be exploited.


Fields of application:


  • Stimulating current therapy
  • Pain relief treatments, Galvanic current
  • Diadynamic (stimulus) currents
  • Ultra-stimulation current (Ultra-Reiz Current)
  • Transcutan Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS)
  • Improvement of the blood flow
  • IG 30, IG 50  (ion-pulse galvanization)
  • Frequency-modulated current (FM)
  • Mobilization
  • Selective stimulus current treatment (HV, FAS, T/R)
  • Muscular atrophy, electrogymnastics, muscle strengthening
  • Iontophoresis
  • Stimulus current diagnosis
  • Amplitude modulated medium-frequency currents (AMF)
  • Pain treatment
  • Improvement of the blood flow
  • Mobilization


Ionoson – Expert     

Two-Channel Electrotherapy and Dual Frequency Ultrasound Therapy Unit Ionoson Expert features all the low-frequency and medium-frequency currents, including the classical interferential current. This device is the combination of co-channel stimulation current and ultrasound therapy. The ultrasound therapy can be applie directly or can be chosen from the indication index.


Fields of application:

  • Pain therapy
  • Improvement of the blood flow
  • Mobilization, muscle stimulation
  • Iontophoresis
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the spinal and limb joints
  • Decreasing the spastic muscle tone
  • Low-frequency currents
  • Galvanic current – Iontophoresis
  • Galvanic microcurrent (GMC)
  • Fine iontophoresis, pain relief
  • Diadynamic currents (DF, MF, CP, LP)
  • Ultra-stimulation current (Ultra-Reiz current)
  • Painful hypertonic muscles, arthrosis


TENS (Transcutan Electric Nerve Stimulation)

Pain treatment in myalgias


MENS (nerve-stimulation with microcurrent)

IG 30, IG 50  (ion-pulse galvanization)


Selective stimulus current

To treat muscle atrophies with high voltage square, trapezoid, triangular, exponential pulses


Medium-frequency current

IF (classical interference)

Pain relief, improvement of the blood flow, detoning the muscles

AMF (amplitude-modulated frequency current)

Medium-frequency muscle training


Bioptron 2 light therapy (for 300 diagnoses)

In case of locomotor diseases it is used to treat arthrosis, myalgia, muscle pain. It is also used to help rapid healing of post-operative scars, to prevent the formation of keloids, to treat lesions of the epidermia, leg ulcers, decubitus, eczema and certain types of psoriasis. It can be used to treat otolaryngological diseases, e.g. bronchitis. In cosmetics it is used to treat blemished and heavily acned face, seborrhoea.


MAGNAPRESS – M (Magnetic Massage Tool)

  • The Magnetic Acupressure Therapy Sphere is not supported by the social insurance.
  • It is applicable for people of all age – from small children to people of old age.
  • It is a set of two devices.
  • It can relieve all kinds of pain:
  • knee and shoulder pain
  • joint pains
  • headache, migraine
  • lower back pain
  • It can be used to treat
  • Locomotor problems
  • Burns, cuts
  • Bruises, trauma
  • Herpes, rash
  • Allergy, earache (not recommended to use at presence of flu!)
  • Insomnia, depression
  • Obesity


Soulux light (infrared radiator)

Infrared radiation is mostly used to treat otolaryngological, locomotor and skin-diseases. Infrared radiation has beneficial effects in case of tendinitis, tendovaginitis and bursitis. It makes remedial gymnastics easier by slackening the connective tissues before mobilizing contractures or ankylosis.


Myotest – Coop (nerve stimulator)

This device can be applied for treatments with galvanic and selective stimulus currents, or iontophoresis.


Ministim (nerve stimulator)

This device treats with galvanic and diadynamic currents.


Mud packing

Mud treatments belong to balneotherapy. Peloids (mud consisting of humus and minerals)can be found in nature, which have special physical and chemical properties, and can be used therapeutically. The biological effects are similar to those obtained by medicinal water.

Forms of mud packing: mud tub bath, mud bucket, mud lake bath, mud compress

Mud compress is prepared in advance, and can be applied to different parts of the body. The mud is put in a fabric bag. Before the treatment it is soaked in hot water to be heated to the temperature needed, Then it is located to the part of the body which needs treatment. Its temperature is usually 40-42 degrees C. Duration of the treatment is about 20 minutes.

Conditions recommended for mud treatment:

Locomotor diseases:

  • Chronic spinal disorders (spondylosis, spondylarthritis, discopathy)
  • Degenerative disorders of the limb joints
  • To relax muscles in case of myalgias
  • As part of a rehabilitation package after injuries or surgeries
  • Muscle contractures, surrounding joints
  • To relax muscles before remedial gymnastics
  • Skin diseases: psoriasis
  • Gynocological diseases: sterility, chronic inflammation of the true pelvis
  • Conditions when mud treatment would not be recommended:
  • All kinds of acute and inflammatory conditions, including inflammations of the joints and nerves.
  • Subacute inflammations can turn to acute.
  • Acute ttraumatic conditions (distortion, contusion, fracture)
  • Painful, swollen state of Sudeck-syndrome
  • Varicosis
  • Infectious skin-diseases
  • Epidermic lesions, e.g. leg ulcer
  • Cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure
  • Pregnancy
  • Tumoural diseases
  • Fever



Massage is undoubtedly one of the oldest forms of therapy. It is a spontainous operation, applied even by our ancestors to relieve pains using stroking, pressing movements. It has a relaxing and stimulating effect on the tissues and muscles at the same time. The masseur uses gentle stroking, rubbing, vibrating and kneading movements to refresh and heal the body. It relieves pain, accelerates restoration after injuries, prevents the muscles not in use from atrophy. Furthermore, it eases insomnia, increases the rate of blood flow and improves digestion.


Medical masage (can be used with medical order)

Swedish massage


It helps those who have postural problems, developmental disorders and to recover from different diseases and to restore after injuries. Using special movements, the masseur relaxes muscle cramps, which helps to relieve pain.



  • Mostly to increase strength, metabolism and elasticity of muscles
  • To treat locomotor diseases
  • To treat degenerative disorders, when the strength of muscles needs to be increased.
  • To treat painful myalgias
  • Oedema (swelling)
  • Circulatory disorders
  • Besides locomotor diseases, it can be used to treat traumatological and neurological diseases as well.


  • Patients in a weak, poor health condition cannot be treated.
  • Influenza, fever
  • All kinds of infectious diseases
  • Skin disorders, dermatitis
  • Acute diseases of the lungs or the pleura, tuberculosis
  • During menstruation or pregnancy the lower back mustn’t be massaged.
  • Haemophilia (leucaemia, scorbutus)
  • Massage mustn’t be applied at presence of diseases with acute symptoms, pain, bleeding or swelling.
  • Vasoconstriction, thrombosis. Varicosed areas souldn’t be treated.
  • For 8 weeks after surgeries massage is not recommended.


Weight-bath treatment:

Weight-bath treatment means traction under water. Making use of the lifting power of water it is applicable to tract the spinal column as well as the big joints of the lower limbs. The patient can be cervically suspended or with armpit bars or both. At the beginning the extension is carried out without extra weight, and later we can gradually increase the extension. In daily practice we order the extension of the cervical vertebrae without weight, for the extension of the lumbar vertebrae we use maximum 6 kilos, for the extension of the joints we use 3-4 kilos. Duration of treatment is maximum 15-20 minutes.


Its main application field is to treat the disorders of the vertebrae and the intervertebral disks, and to ease the radicals under pressure. The disorders are the following:

  • Spondylosis, spondylarthrosis
  • Cervical and lumbar discopathy
  • Cervicobrachialgia
  • Intercostal neuralgia
  • Occipital neuralgia
  • Ischias syndrome
  • Scoilosis
  • In case of contracture of the knee and the hip the joints can be extended.


  • Cardio-vascular diseases
  • High blood pressure
  • Fever
  • Tuberculosis
  • Malignant tumour
  • Serious varicosity
  • Infectious diseases
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Mental disorders


  • Spondylosis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Osteoporosis, especially when the compressive fracture of the vertebra is proven
  • Tumour or metastasis on the vertebra
  • Acute radiculitis
  • Discus hernia
  • After operation on the vertebral bodies and the arches
  • Vertebral tuberculosis


Carbonic treatment:

  • Types of carbonic treatment:
  • Carbon dioxide tub bath (available in Cserkeszőlő as well)
  • Gaseous carbon dioxide bath
  • Carbonic acid snow treatment


When preparing carbonic bath, carbon dioxide gas is entered into the water in a tub. Duration of treatment is initially 5-8 minutes, later 15-20 minutes. Before carbonic bath treatment patients should consult a physician. During the treatment the patient sits in a bath tub half-filled with neutral temperature water. The actual temperature of the water containing carbonic acid is 31-32 degrees C, since carbonic acid excites the thermic receptors in the skin of the patient, who feels the water hotter. The free carbonic acid gas covers the patient’s body surface in the form of tiny bubbles and has a micromassage effect. It causes redness of the skin and dilates the capillaries.



  • Especially for patients with cardio-vascular diseases.
  • As part of cardiological rehabilitation; after infarction the blood support of the myocardium can improve.
  • In case of vasoconstriction in the lower limbs it can delay the further development of the disease.
  • It can be applied for patients with locomotor diseases, who are not recommended to take balneotherapy. It has a beneficial effect in osteoporosis, Sudeck-atrophy, neurosis.



  • Acute myocardiac infarction, decompensation
  • Leg ulcer
  • Varicosis


Underwater jet massage:

The patient is treated in a specially designed tub using a stream of water directed through jets. The stream of water is applied to the entire body or its part to reduce the tension of the muscles and to relax the bound muscles. It relieves pain, prevents the muscles not in use from atrophy, increases the rate of blood flow. It has more beneficial effects taken before massage.


  • Mainly to increase the strength, metabolism and elasticity of the muscles.
  • Locomotor diseases
  • To treat degenerative disorders, when the strength of the muscles needs to be increased.
  • Painful myalgias
  • Circulatory disorders
  • Sports injuries
  • It is mostly recommended to treat locomotor diseases, buti t has beneficial effects at presence of traumatological and neurological diseases.


  • Patients in a weak, poor health condition cannot be treated.
  • Fever
  • All kinds of infectious diseases
  • Skin disorders, dermatitis
  • Acute diseases of the lungs or the pleura, tuberculosis
  • During menstruation or pregnancy
  • Haemophilia (leucaemia, scorbutus)
  • Massage mustn’t be applied at presence of diseases with acute symptoms, pain, bleeding or swelling.
  • Vasoconstriction, thrombosis. Varicosed areas souldn’t be treated.
  • For 8 weeks after surgeries massage is not recommended.
  • Incontinence
  • At presence of diseases when the patient may lose consciousness.
  • Self-government accomodation



The two-star Hotel Touring, located in the centre of the resort and connected to the spa with a covered corridor, is open all round the year. The hotel has 19 double rooms, 21 triple rooms, 1 four-bedded family room, 2 specially designed rooms for the disabled and 3 apartments.

The rooms are furnished with comfortable, Scandinavian-style deal furniture. A bathroom with shower or bathtub belongs to each room. All the rooms are equipped with a colour tv, fridge, telephone and air-conditioning. An extra bed is available in each room. There is a free parking area next to the hotel.

The extension and modernization of the hotel was completed by 1st May, 2008. For more details about the work click on ’News and Information’ link.


Address:                  25/a Fürdő street, Cserkeszőlő    Postal Code: 5465

Telephone number:  +36 56/568-450

Fax-number:           +36 56/568-464

E-mail:                    hotelcamping@cserkeszolo.hu





The three-star Thermal Camping is located right next to the spa. On its shady, grass-covered area it has 14 two-roomed bungalows with all conveniences, one guesthouse with four rooms and a shared kitchen, 40 caravan sites with water/electricity hook-up, 80 caravan sites with electricity hook-up and 60 tent places. Excellent cooking and washing (automatic washing-machine) facilities. A part of the camping with one socializing room and the guesthouse is open all round the year. The guests staying at the camping can use the spa unlimited during the opening hours, because the rates include the spa ticket.

Additional services at the camping: tennis court, foot massage, reflexology, pedicure, solarium, rheumatologist consultation, physiotherapy in the spa, automated bowling alley (200 m)


Address:                         25/a Fürdő street, Cserkeszőlő   Postal Code: 5465

Telephone number:     +36 56/568-450

Fax-number:                   +36 56/568-464

E-mail:                            hotelcamping@cserkeszolo.hu

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